SNSTA-Certified STEM Teacher Fellow

Beyond in-service units granted towards teacher certification, the FAU Stiles-Nicholson STEM Teacher Academy (SNSTA) offers Micro-credentialing and electronic badges leading to designation as a SNSTA Certified STEM Teacher Fellow

Earning this certification creates opportunities for teacher-participants to earn recognition for their commitment to professional growth and excellence in education. SNSTA Certified STEM Teacher Fellow s interested in sharing their expertise are invited to develop and propose delivery of workshops for the SNSTA Professional Learning Series.

STEM teaching is dedicated to engaging students “ develop unique cognitive skills, habits of mind, and attitudes that will benefit learners throughout their lives ” through the understanding that STEM learners are “ uniquely empowered to enter into the world of the 21st century. (NISE. What Is Excellent Stem Teaching ?)

Certification Overview

Teacher-participants can earn designation as a SNSTA Certified STEM Teacher Fellow upon acquisition of 3 micro-credential badges within the 4 PLS domains. SNSTA STEM Teacher Fellows will be invited to submit proposals for workshops they are interested in facilitating.