Professional Learning for K-12 Teachers, Instructional Leaders, and STEM Curriculum Specialists

Through our professional learning opportunities, we foster inquiry-based instruction to promote scientific thinking. We believe that stem literacy and application are critical for our students, and for our country to maintain a competitive advantage on the global front.

Skilled and inspiring teaching leads to student success!

At the SNSTA, professional learning opportunities fully engage educators in enhancing their content knowledge and their cross disciplinary skills. We work with you to provide your students with hands-on learning experiences and innovative lessons fully aligned with academic standards.

Our professional learning  offered in person on FAU’s campuses in Boca and Jupiter, and online, provides educators with the resources needed to develop valuable STEM skills to deliver powerful instruction focused on STEM essentials.

Our professional learning will bring together extraordinary educators who share the desire to enrich student learning and the confidence to try new, bold approaches.

Our professional learning helps educators design and realize problem-driven, interdisciplinary experiences to engage students in preparation for careers in a competitive world.

  • Innovate more effective integrated STEM instructional practices.
  • Advance content knowledge in STEM disciplines.
  • Develop a more cohesive STEM skill set to design rigorous and relevant curriculum that embeds engineering design and systems thinking.
  • Build and strengthen self-efficacy to support student learning through STEM competitions.
  • Inspire students to create hands-on projects that solve genuine problems and apply learning experiences.

Workshops & Professional Learning Opportunities