Micro-Credentialing & Certification

Micro-credentialing leading to designation as a certified SNSTA STEM Teacher Fellow is
organized into four Professional Learning Series (PLS) domains, essential for effective STEM
teaching. Workshops offered during the school year fall under one of the PLS domains as
detailed below: (Offerings subject to change)

  1. Developing a Creativity-Inspiring Environment for Learning
    1. Unleashing Potential: Sparking Creativity and Cultivating a Growth Mindset
    2. Colorful Climates: Teaching Climate Change through Art
    3. Change The Story: Successful Mathematics Teaching and Learning for K-12 Mathematics Educators
    4. Work in Progress: Developing an Arts-based Culture of Resilience in the K-5 classroom
  2. Building Scientific Understanding
    1. Everglades Literacy Program
    2. Dive into Ocean Literacy: Empowering Teachers to Deepen Student Understanding of the Marine World
    3. Fostering Science: Student Driven Research
    4. Enhancing Literacy Strategies for STEM Teachers: Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension and Informational Writing in the Science Classroom
  3. Engaging Students In Scientific And Engineering Practices
    1. Sea Perch 1: Underwater Robotics
    2. Blueprint for Success: Mastering the Engineering Design Process (Part 1)
    3. Ingenious Innovators: Advancing the Engineering Design Process (Part 2)
    4. Code Defenders: Unlocking the World of Cybersecurity and Programming in the Classroom
    5. Soaring Through Science: Unraveling the Physics of Flight in Aeronautics
    6. Solar Rollers Unleashed: Energizing STEM Education
  4. Mastering the Craft of Teaching through Reflection, Research and Relevance
    1. Teaching with the Brain in Mind: Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
    2. Exploring Authentic Conservation Education: Teachers as Ambassadors for Change
    3. STEM Beginnings: Igniting the Spark for Teaching Success in the Classroom (Level 1: Getting started in STEM)
    4. STEM Launchpad: Igniting Passion and Empowering Teachers (Level 2: Getting started in STEM)
    5. STEM Talent Search: Discovering and Nurturing Tomorrow's Innovators

Successfully completing two workshops from a Professional Learning Series domain and submission of completed online application form , along with the required evidence pieces will earn its r espective micro-credential badge. Teacher-participants can earn designation as a  SNSTA Certified STEM Teacher Fellow  upon acquisition of 3  micro-credential badges within the 4 PLS domains. 

Evidence Required as part of application for micro-credential e-badge: 

  • Participation in 2 of the PLS-specific workshops  
  • Sample lesson plan  
  • Reflection piece  
  • Photos or video of classroom experience shared through Twitter tagging @SNSTA_FAU or emailed to SNSTA@fau.edu    

Domain 1: Developing a Creativity-Inspiring Environment for Learning

Action Demonstrated
  • Foster creativity
  • Establish cooperative learning
  • Integrate technology
  • Nurture student autonomy
  • Connect learning outside the classroom


Domain 2: Building Scientific Understanding

Action Demonstrated
  • Implementing Inquiry
  • Utilizing Assessment
  • Checking For Understanding
  • Student Contribution
  • Connect learning outside the classroom


Domain 3: Engaging Students In Scientific & Engineering Practices

Action Demonstrated
  • Identify engineering problems
  • Implement engineering design process
  • Foster data utilization
  • Implementing project-based learning (PBL)
  • Authenticity of driving question
  • Connect learning outside the classroom


Domain 4: Mastering the Craft of Teaching: Reflection, Research & Relevance

Action Demonstrated
  • Renew, invigorate, & maximize the teaching process
  • Facilitate questioning & discourse
  • Understand basic neuroscience of human learning 
  • Apply  constructivist pedagogical approaches to teaching 
  • Build knowledge about the culture and curricula of schooling, and the contexts in which teaching and learning occur.
  • Connect learning outside the classroom